Business Networking on Twitter

Chat Hours covering West Midlands and Wolverhampton

Business networking – you know it works and you know you need to do it, but it isn’t always easy find the time to do it.  Enter the ‘Twitter Chat hour’ – a great way to network from the comfort and convenience of your desk – or even your sofa.

Twitter hours are a fantastic way to network and better still they’re FREE! The only real investment you will need is your time and you’ll be able to promote your business (school, charity or community group) to other people and reach into markets you wouldn’t normally access. If you do them well – share useful content, get into conversations and build relationships and support other members – Twitter hours are a great way to raise your brand awareness, gain followers and ultimately drive traffic to your website.

At OMG! we’re really proud to be the host of both #WMidsHour and #WtonHour. Over the last two years these weekly sessions have proved extremely popular and we get a real buzz out of helping all our fantastic West Midlands and Wolverhampton businesses connect with each other.

Our advice, to get the most out of both #WMidsHour and #WtonHour, is to behave the same when you’re networking on Twitter, as you would if you were at a face to face networking event:

  • Know your goals – be clear about what you want to achieve from your networking event. Are you looking for specific advice? Are you interested in a specific industry? Have you got some good news to share?
  • Build relationships – take an interest in your fellow Twitter hour members, connect with them, ask them questions, just as you would if you were meeting at an event.
  • Don’t keep shouting out your sales message – introduce yourself, share information about you and your business. No one wants to be ‘sold at’ all the time. People buy people – virtual or otherwise.

By chatting for an hour once or twice a week, connections can be made and more networks can be promoted.

Getting involved in one of our Twitter hours is really easy (once you know how!), so if you’d like a helping hand just drop me a line at and I’ll walk you through it.

Please join us every Monday between 8-9pm using the hashtag #WMidsHour


every Wednesday between 8-9pm using the hashtag #WtonHour

and join in the chat!


Business Networking on Twitter

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