It’s all about the Client… Not me…

16th August 2016

To build my clients’ reputation and online presence is something which I love to do – to see their profiles grow and develop. However, very few people know who my clients are and the reason for this is simple – my work is all about them, not me.

Social media is about brand awareness and building relationships. If you have been chatting to a company and then found out out it was their management team instead, you may then feel ambivalent towards them. If you start a relationship from a position of mistrust then the long term view is bleak.

So, unfortunately for me, the successes I achieve will very rarely be shouted about as I do it for my clients reputation, not my own. If my clients want to be open about it that is their prerogative but it’s not something I actively encourage.
This does then make it difficult for me to showcase my abilities. When people ask who my clients are, I point them towards my own accounts such as my OMG! Facebook and Twitter accounts – and my two Twitter chat hours, #WtonHour and#WMidsHour. This then demonstrates my knowledge, abilities and capability to build a strong and reputable brand.