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Today, social media is an integral part of most business’s marketing tool kit – an essential cog in an ever evolving machine.

However just like all elements of the marketing mix, it needs to be specific and relevant to the business and industry that you’re working in.

Each business is individual and unique and to try and fit a Wolverhampton based hairdresser into the same social media ‘box’ as a Dudley based steel manufacturer won’t work. Identifying the right platform, whether that be LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, understanding and targeting your audience, presenting a professional profile, with regular and interesting content – all of this will enhance your brand, make you easier to find and put you head and shoulders above your competition.

Can anyone be on social media for their business?

Social media for business is accessible to everyone and with the right skill set, training, dedicated time and, let’s be honest, motivation, it can be delivered in-house by you or a member of your team. However, these are the tools of the trade – anyone can pick up a hammer, but that doesn’t mean they can put up a shelf.

So, if your time is better spent on other elements of your business, or you just don’t have the right skill set (or interest…), you could engage a specialist, like OMG!, to manage your business on social media instead. We will take the time to learn about and understand your business – review your existing social media presence and determine the most effective social media platforms for your business to be on. We will source relevant and engaging content, interact with your target audience and promote your products and services using your personality and tone of voice.

We’d love to work with you…

Whether it’s knowledge, time or interest that’s stopping your business from really taking off on social media, let’s get together and have a chat about how we can help get you talking to your customers on social media. We’ll come to your premises and get to know what your business is about and what you want to achieve from social media management. We can then put together a proposal based upon what is right for you and your business and, of course, your budget.

These articles will help you understand what skills a social media manager has and why they understand what tools they need to help your brand be the best it can…

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