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We’ve been helping brands, in the Wolverhampton area, develop and define their voice since 2015. We have worked with some amazing internationally recognised brands - such as eBay's Retail Revival project in Wolverhampton - but we also work with SME's and mirco businesses too.

Proud of our Black Country roots, we know that every business has a part to play in developing it's local economy.  With this in mind, we are working in association with the Elite Centre for Manufacturing Skills, based in Wolverhampton.  To find out more, please head over to our ECMS information page.

Online marketing and social media changes all the time but our love for creativity and problem-solving doesn't. We’re driven by a passion to always deliver the very best for our clients at all times and to ensure we fulfil our key mission of helping our clients have the best online marketing presence possible.

We are also an affiliate partner of Go Paperless - a direct personal digital business card.  But it is so much more - with a CRM system, full GDPR compliance and fully adaptable to your brand 365 days a year. With no advertising, you can share ALL of your online platforms in one place easily and effectively.



Josie Hadley MA MCIM launched Online Marketing Growth Limited (OMG!) in 2015 after realising the growing, and often untapped, potential of social media marketing.

There are changes in the platforms almost daily and that’s what makes it so exciting and fun – and yes, sometimes frustrating! We don’t claim to be all things to all people but we do know that we offer an excellent professional service and genuinely want the best for you to grow your online marketing - hence the name!

Integrity and transparency are key and we are up front about what we do and how we work. We believe in over delivering and exceeding expectations and proactively network on behalf of our clients – connecting people is second nature to us.



Josie Hadley MA MCIM is a leading authority on social media having worked in this fast moving and exciting area of marketing for over seven years.  She has extensive knowledge and appreciation of both SMEs and multi-national brands – working with clients such as Pirelli Tyres and Moet & Chandon – gained from almost 30 years experience, across differing industries.

 She is passionate about social media and manages a wide portfolio of clients’ accounts - giving her daily contact with each platform and keeping her fully abreast of current trends and working practices. She is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

For Black Country Chamber of Commerce 2017 Business Awards, Josie was a judge for the category of ‘Best Use of Social Media’ – invited to do so in recognition of her knowledge and expertise in this area.  She also hosted two events as part of the Black Country Business Festival 2018 and received fantastic feedback.

As a fully accredited trainer, Josie not only has the knowledge of social media, but also the skills and experience to share this with others. She has delivered training and presentations to over 1000 delegates in various forms and most notably, on behalf of eBay, NatWest Commercial Bank and the Black Country Chamber of Commerce.

If you want to know more about Josie, pop over to her Q&A Blog!



What They’re Saying

Had a fantastic one to one workshop with Josie regarding Wooden Luxury Joinery's social media presence and how to improve. Josie's full of helpful tips and good advice

Chris Holland

I thought I knew quite a lot about Facebook but after a few hours with Josie Hadley I realised I knew diddly doo-dah!
If you want to learn the REALLY important stuff that will make the most difference to your Social Media presence then book one to one with her.

Lee Baker

I attended an OMG Session yesterday and it was brilliant! Josie provided an excellent insight into social media (from a personal and business perspective) and answered so many questions that everyone needs to know!! I’ll definitely be going back for a bespoke Session with OMG!!

Elaine Mitchell


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