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We know that being active online can be overwhelming and Go Paperless makes life easier for you.  More than a traditional business card – which can be expensive, unsustainable and ineffective – this innovative portal is a direct person to person function, without external advertisements or clutter.  It doubles as a marketing platform for your brand.

In one simple place you can now share the following;

  • Email

  • Phone numbers

  • What’s App

  • Website

  • Social media links

  • Appointments

  • Offers

  • Blogs

  • Menus

  • Location

  • QR Code

  • And much much more…

You can update this information free of charge as often as you want to – in real time – so that anyone who has previously had your information gets the revised content when they check in again.

Your personalised Go Paperless URL can be saved to their phone or tablet home screen so that they never lose your information.  Looking like an App, your brand is kept in their mind when they are looking for your services, rather than being hidden in their phone contacts.

In addition, you know who has opened your card as they have to opt-in or opt-out – making this totally GDPR compliant.  If they do choose to share their information, this gives you the ability to then follow up with an email or text message.  Now you can’t do that with a business card at the back of a drawer!

As we are now entering a new normal, this is covid safe for restaurants, bars and cafes and by being visible on your customers home screens, you have a competitive advantage where they can share your information with friends and family.

It’s also perfect for start ups who haven’t the funds to invest in a website – show case your products or services quickly easily and cost effectively.

By choosing Go Paperless, you reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint and telling the world that you care about the future of our planet.  For every digital business card you buy, Go Paperless plant a tree in association with their incredible partner charity, World Land Trust – helping to replant forests in devastated areas with native species.

And this is available for a one off annual cost of just £99 per card!


Why did OMG! choose Go Paperless?

As soon as I was introduced to Go Paperless, I immediately recognised a synergy with my other online marketing services.

Being on Zoom prevents people sharing their personal information, and what do you share given the opportunity? Each can be a dead-end for a developing relationship but Go Paperless facilitates further communication.  The interested person can look at all of your online platforms easily and simply.

The price point is perfect and the ability to brand the card makes it a perfect solution for many businesses and their employees. The green credentials were a huge positive too as we need to reduce landfill.



Go Paperless in a Nutshell

Make a greener planet - 50 billion business cards are printed each year – 88% are discarded within a week.  Choose Go Paperless to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint and tell the world that you care about the future of our planet.

Make connections - Say goodbye to expensive and time consuming print runs.  Instead, make genuine connections via a network that grows organically from peer to peer – with recommended personal introductions that generate trust.

Make an impact - In today’s fast-paced world, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. We give your brand a competitive advantage.

Impress contacts with your digital business card. Grow your network as they share it. And target engaged contacts who interact with your brand.

Make your life easier - The technology may be complex. But everything about the way we work is straightforward.

From the design process to onboarding and using your card, we provide first class customer support that gives you complete control at every stage.

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