• Josie Hadley

10 Essential LinkedIn Features You Need

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Over the past year, LinkedIn have introduced a number of new features to their website that you may never have been aware of. Even if you’re super active on LinkedIn, you may never have took it upon yourself to explore further into the platform for networking, which is where you may be missing out on some great business opportunities. So here are 10 essential LinkedIn features you need:

1. Photo Tagging

The photo tagging feature on LinkedIn has been in action since April of this year and while only certain users had access to it, it has now become a common feature for every user of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn describes to new feature as follows: “Think you recognize someone in the photo? Or just want to make sure your co-worker knows when you upload a photo with them in it? Now when you post a photo, you can tag people in it. The world seems smaller and your community a little tighter when you let people know who is who”.

2. Video messaging

The technological world is obsessed with the art of video communication, so it’s no surprise that LinkedIn have also hopped onto the bandwagon by giving users the ability to use video message to communicate with contacts. LinkedIn have announced that users are 20x more likely to share videos on the website than any other form of content, which proves that it is one of the top on the list of the 10 essential LinkedIn features you need to take note of.

Discussing the new feature, LinkedIn stated: "Millions of members have posted videos and shared them with their connections or in groups: sharing ideas, experiences, or simply a view into their working life. Now you can do the same in messaging, too”

Always keep in mind that LinkedIn is a professional platform where reputation is key, so pay attention to the video content you’re sending to clients and other professionals – one slip up could damage your reputation.

3. Moving messaging and post buttons

LinkedIn have decided to move the message and post buttons from their usual position to make them much easier to access and hopefully boost inbound activity as a result.

Discussing this decision to edit these buttons, LinkedIn said: It’s now easier to post or message from anywhere in the mobile app. The post button has a new home in the bottom center of your screen, and the message button now lives in the top right corner”

4. Topic listings

One of the 10 essential LinkedIn features you need is the inclusion of topic listing which has made huge changes to the newsfeed you’re most likely familiar with. Users can feel more included in the groups they have joined and the hashtags they follow; both of which are located at the right side of their desktop. This ensures that the user finds it much easier to participate in conversations and have a far better connection to their interests.

5. Inviting people to like your page

For business owners especially, it’s crucial to get a loyal following of users who are interested in your content and keen to stay in the loop with updates, which is why LinkedIn have now decide to add the feature of inviting people to ‘like’ their page. Similarly to Facebook, followers can also give reactions to posts if they wish to, which is in the best interests of businesses who can get a clearer insight into what they’re audience are thinking.

6. Mobile app updates

The mobile App of LinkedIn was easy enough for users to gain access to their professional page, but now it has ranked up a notch and allows users to share documents with their fellow employees and clients – whether that be PDF documents, PowerPoint presentations or other data files. This feature is highly beneficial to business owners who wish to work on-the-go or even on holiday; as they don’t need to carry around their laptop to manage these aspects.

7. Post sharing

Prior to LinkedIn’s 2019 update of the 10 essential LinkedIn feature you need, only personal profiles could share posts to their profile, however, there is now a new feature that allows businesses to share conversations and posts; whether it be a product review or customer testimonial that will put forward a good impression for your company’s image. It’s also extremely easy to link up your Facebook page to your LinkedIn profile for easy content sharing with a wider audience.

8. You can learn who’s reading your content

Everything you post now has its very own analytics, so you can see how your content is being reacted to. The analytics are fairly in-depth, so you can view industries your audiences work in, their job titles and even how they stumbled across your post!

This means you can gain an insight into who’s interested in the posts you create, so you can tailor your content to reach certain audiences.

9. Trending topics

LinkedIn now has a feature on the top-right of the newsfeed that allows the user to engage with trending news stories – you’re probably most familiar with this feature from Facebook on the old update. However, these news stories are ideal for LinkedIn, as they’re tailored to the individual’s own interests, meaning they can stay updated on information that is of use to them personally and professionally.

10. Smart replies

Although LinkedIn hasn’t got a chat service at the current moment, it has does have a messaging tool which is useful for contacting clients, business professionals and potential employees during the hiring process.

Artificial Intelligence is now developing the feature known as ‘smart replies’ based on the previous messages in the conversation for a more streamlined experience; whether that be through using names for the person you’re speaking to or a predicted response.

Despite this, LinkedIn are still developing this feature to make it far more convenient in the near future.

If you’d like to see a video giving you more information about the power of LinkedIn, please follow this link.

We hope this guide on the 10 essential LinkedIn features you need has been useful in convincing you of its fantastic benefits for business networking.