• Josie Hadley

5 Online Marketing Tips to Keep your Business Active during the Coronavirus Crisis

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

One thing that businesses can do during the Coronavirus crisis is keep their social media very upbeat, relevant and engaging. Consumers are using social media a lot more than usual due to self-isolation and finding out about news and keeping in touch with their family. By posting on social media today, you will be capturing an audience who are engaged and want to know more. This is a perfect time for businesses to be proactive and tell their customers if they are still trading as normal, if staff are working from home and what measures they’re taking to stay open moving forward.

5 Online Marketing Tips to Keep your Business Active during the Coronavirus Crisis

So if you are a small business, here are 5 online marketing tips to keep your business active during the coronavirus crisis;

1. Create or update your business page information – is the phone number and email address correct? Is your postcode accurate? These may sound basic but are often overlooked

2. Change your cover photo to showcase your current situation – are you open and what are you doing? Are you a business who is opening early for the vulnerable or are you limiting what people can buy? Let your audience know in your cover photo.

3. Post every single day – if you don’t post, your audience will think that you are not trading. Tell people what you are doing by sharing photos of behind the scenes, upload a video of you talking to them or even a picture of your front door to welcome them in!

4. Schedule your posts so that you can get on with the day to day work – there are free tools you can use or even schedule using Facebooks own scheduling facility.

5. Use Groups and local online pages – if you contact local online pages, they may share the news of what you are doing to help their community. If you are offering free delivery for the elderly, then let people know! Are you collecting for a local food bank – ask for support.

It's business as usual for me as I'm lucky enough to be able to work remotely but I do hope these five tips will help you. Please feel free to give me a call for advice on 07534 268664 - I am offering short term support agreements during this time. Josie