• Josie Hadley

Are you practising mindful marketing during the coronavirus crisis?

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Writing for other people’s businesses always makes me aware of what and how I write their social media posts – what are their brand guidelines? What topics do they want to promote or avoid? Where can I source good reputable content etc.? But during the coronavirus crisis, there has to be another element of mindful marketing.

Being aware of the following additional elements during these strange times, makes my role more interesting and more challenging;

  • Tone of Voice - The tone has to be just right – too doom laden and people will switch off or too happy makes people think you’re not taking the situation seriously. Empathy – people are feeling scared, isolated and anxious. Be aware of this and adjust your messages without being condescending and with honesty and compassion.

  • Consistency – if previous posts have always been in the first, second or third person, they should stay that way. There needs to be a consistent approach so that your audience doesn’t notice any change in this uncertain time.

  • Less sales – your audience will be looking for help, reassurance and a friendly ‘face’. If you are too heavily sales orientated, they will switch off not only now but in the future too.

  • Signpost – if you can do so effectively, signpost your audience to local amenities or services which can help them in some way. Whether that’s an online course you’ve found or a local delivery service, these small mindful marketing techniques will help.

  • Memes everywhere – at the moment, due to What’s App groups and a 1000% increase in Facebook Groups, memes are everywhere!! Use them but only if appropriate and in good taste. Who is your audience and would they know what a Mandalorian is? (I didn’t either…) If not, then don’t use it in your marketing.

  • Scheduled posts – if you use evergreen or scheduled posts are they still appropriate? Is your call to action still applicable if you are no longer physically open to business? Consider the messages and if possible, post daily or a few short days in advance.

  • Listening – are you listening to what is being said on social media, in the news and on your pages? Listen out for external news which may impact on your brand and be relevant to your audience – whether that is a local park being closed or a ‘celebrity’ passing away.

  • Government advice – be mindful that your marketing also needs to comply with current Government advice which can and will change. Your message needs to be fluid and accurate.

Mindful marketing means being aware of the ever-changing current situation and thinking about the impact your message could have.

If you'd like some online marketing tips to keep your business' online presence active during the coronavirus crisis, please follow this link.