• Josie Hadley

Creating Valuable Facebook Likes

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Part of your digital marketing strategy should rely heavily on Facebook, therefore, the number of valuable ‘likes’ you receive on your page plays a part on how well your business progresses online. Creating valuable Facebook likes on your page may go on to have an effect on how many sales you make. This is due to the fact that the content you produce should encourage people to purchase from the company.

If there’s one thing you need to be aware of when it comes to marketing on Facebook, it’s that quality over quantity when it comes to ‘likes’ is key. Getting more Facebook likes is be an essential part of your marketing strategy, however, it’s all of the likes you receive aren’t always valuable.

An example of this may be that you receive random ‘likes’ during a giveaway content, where participants are asked to ‘like’ your page to be included in the draw. Not only will you receive uninterested ‘likers’ who are only participating for a freebie, but they’ll also be reluctant to share your page to their own connections, as it will reduce their chances of being chosen if they were also to enter.

Creating valuable Facebook likes is all about being savvy with your method and you can achieve this by following the tips below:

Focus on engagement

Facebook engagement is when a fan takes action on one of your posts. Typical examples include sharing, commenting and ‘liking’ your content. While you may not have paid much attention to engagement it’s vital when it comes to growing your organic reach, meaning you have a better chance of beating the recent changes to the Facebook algorithm.

As you may expect, engagement does exactly what it suggests – keeping your users engaged and that’s a tactic every professional marketer should be aiming for.

Your posts should teach and inspire through visually-appealing graphics and videos, as well as ensuring you post at the right times dependant on your fans’ location and make use of Facebook stories. You can learn more about Facebook engagement here.

Donate to charity

Making the pledge to donate to charity for every ‘like’ you receive gives users of Facebook more inclination to ‘like’ your page over competitions. Not only is it an incentive for them to do good themselves but proves that your company cares about more than just making profits. This generous act encourages people who may never have heard of your business to find out more about you and creates valuable Facebook likes as a result of your kind offer of helping a worthy cause.

Portray a positive brand image

Companies should pay attention to make their brand image in terms of uniqueness, optimism and lack of judgement. Brand image is formed in the minds of customers based on the content they view online. Therefore, your Facebook posts should represent your company’s missions.

However, brand image is also associated with product quality, providing excellent customer service, creating pioneering products and great advertising that’s suited for your audience. All of these pointers should be portrayed within your Facebook content.

Give something back to your fans

Once people have decided to ‘like’ your page, it’s important you give something back to your fans; whether it be posting regular information on your products and services that are useful to the customer or even offering special discounts on certain items. Doing so will keep your fans intrigued and proves that you appreciate their custom.

Invite friends to ‘like’ your page

There’s a high likelihood you already have several friends and family members on your personal Facebook account who would be more than happy to connect with your business page. You can ask them to give your page a ‘like’ in person, via email or simply through the ‘invite’ button on the page itself.

Those who know you personally are likely to be the best form of support for your business venture and should be willing to share your page to their own connections, which means you’ll be branching your business out to larger groups who may also be interested in what your business has to offer.

Cross-promote your Facebook page to other platforms

If you already have followers on both Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, you’ll already be at an advantage as you can cross-promote your Facebook page onto these platforms to create valuable Facebook likes. Just be sure that you have a strategy behind your posts so that you don’t spam your followers. The last thing you want to do is lose followers on your other accounts that you’ve worked so hard to build up.

Be active

Achieving valuable Facebook likes isn’t all about improving your content, there should also be an emphasis on showing that you’re an active user and interacting with fans. Therefore, you should be asking your fans open-ended questions, answer any questions that have been asked and participate in discussions. It’s important to ask questions within your content to receive answers. Building on your relationships with fans is one of the most crucial ways of creating valuable Facebook likes. Facebook want your fans to have “meaningful interactions” and these play a huge part in satisfying the algorithms.

Persuade your face-to-face customers to head to your page

If you own a bricks and mortar store where customers visit regularly, it’s a good idea to persuade them to give your Facebook page a ‘like’. As these customers are already interested in your business, they should be happy to become a fan on Facebook, so they can keep up to date on your news and new products. There are various ways to attract Facebook fans:

• Place stickers on the window of your shop • Include Facebook URLs on your receipts • Add your Facebook URLs onto business cards • Offer discount code cards with each purchase if they give your page a ‘like.

With over 2.62 billion monthly active users (at time of publishing), Facebook is a fantastic way of getting your business seen by new audiences everyday and owning a Facebook page is completely free of charge. But there are many hidden costs and, therefore, hiring a digital marketing agency to manage your account and paying for any additional advertising on the platform will certainly be a worthwhile ROI (Return on Investment).

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