• Josie Hadley

eBay: Setting up shop for all our futures

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

An innovative collaboration is under way in Wolverhampton – and it was great to be a part of it.

ebay’s Retail Revival project came to the Molineux stadium where ambitious companies learned how to power ahead online. We were there to meet them and came away with a renewed sense of optimism.

Online marketplace eBay has launched a year-long partnership with the City of Wolverhampton to help smaller retailers gain more impact with a bigger online presence. eBay staff are set to support retailers establishing themselves or growing online.

Announcing the plans, Rob Hattrell, vice president of eBay in the UK, said: “I’ve seen that Wolverhampton businesses have the creativity matched with the entrepreneurial skill to create products needed and wanted all over the world – and eBay will help them to sell in the way they want to online.” OMG Online Marketing Growth was delighted to be a part of eBay’s first event, which was held at the Molineux stadium.

It was brilliant to see how such a giant of e-commerce could be so approachable.

We even chatted about the challenges facing the High Street and the number of businesses based in and around the City.  Meeting Rob Hattrell was a refreshing and welcome change from more negative perceptions about leading companies of the world and how they may operate day to day.

OMG has exhibited at a variety of expos and this one was totally different as the mind-set of the attendees was a lot more receptive to their business growth.  Everyone wanted to know more about how to grow their business and were fully committed and engaged. Usually attendees want to sell to you, which is frustrating as you’ve taken the stand to demonstrate your business – sometimes at great cost. But this was certainly very different and some great contacts were made on the day!

eBay’s senior London team and 40 eBay technical support employees took part to run workshops aimed at optimising sales, improving shipping and delivering better customer experience. So far 62 businesses, including shops and small manufacturers, have signed up for the Retail Revival scheme.

We’re wishing them every success.