• Josie Hadley

Five LinkedIn Tips to get a Great Personal Profile

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

If you're taking this time to work on your business or do all those jobs you've never normally got time to do, here are five LinkedIn tips to get a great personal profile. I do a lot of training with people and these are the things that come up at nearly every session. "Why would you tell me how to do them then and do yourself out of training" I imagine I hear you ask? (Maybe self isolation IS starting to affect me?) I genuinely want people who I connect with to have a great online presence. (That's another blog I think...)

1. Review your postcard - The first section of your profile is called the postcard and it contains all the information people need to know about you – look at it like your business card. What does your headline say about your role and your personality? Is it a true reflection or do you look a bit of a show off? Look at yourself objectively and ask, “Would I connect with this person?”

2. Summary doesn’t mean flowery - Again, read your Summary objectively – is it full of buzzwords? Are you trying too hard? Does anyone care? If you get bored halfway through reading it, then others won’t have even got that far. Pop onto Word and write it without thinking – just write! Then once you’ve committed some words to the screen, re-read it… go away make a cuppa then read it again. Edit, cut, delete and craft it until it makes sense. Then give it to someone who you trust to go through it – they say that if you can’t explain your job to a six-year-old, change our job… So can someone who doesn’t work in your industry, understand your Summary?

3. What do you look like? - That little profile picture really does say 1000 words – you will be judged. So, if you’re on a beach but wear a suit to work that won’t help your professional persona. If you’re a young 20 something and beautiful, don’t undermine yourself by wearing makeup suitable for a nightclub, pouting, adding filters and having your chest out – that’s aimed at men and women! If you wouldn’t wear it for work, don’t wear it on your LinkedIn profile. Check the background – it is tidy, clean and presentable? Check!

4. How many schools did you go to? - I see this time and again, when people add their secondary schools two or three times – were you expelled and kept going back? There is an argument that no one cares what secondary school you went to but definitely add your Higher Education. This is personal choice but just make sure it’s accurate and the years are in chronological order.

5. uSe caPital letTers properly and Splel cheK - Texting has made us all a little lazy and predictive text seems to have made us lose the ability to splel. Word is a great tool for any drafting so you can not only check grammar and spelling but also count the characters too.

But please, PLEASE, use capital letters properly – this is a bug bear of mine. Your name starts with capital letters, your company name starts with capital letters – basically if it’s a noun it needs capitals!

If you need help completing your profile, then I can do this on your behalf including creating a banner – the only thing I can’t do is remove the pout… Call me on 07534 268664