• Josie Hadley

How to Increase Your Visibility on LinkedIn

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

With over 570 million people on the social media networking platform, it’s essential that you are aware of how to increase your visibility on LinkedIn so that your profile is noticed.

Regardless of the industry you work in, LinkedIn will help you develop your professional presence to an online world where new opportunities may be open and increase the brand awareness for your company.

Check out these useful tips below on how you can do so:

Become an ‘All Star’

Take the time to complete your profiles fully to really get the most of your opportunities.  By becoming All Star, LinkedIn will recognise that you want to increase your visibility and show your profile to more people as a suggestion and share more of your content to a wider audience.  It’s like filling out a form so take your time and do it methodically.

Ask for recommendations

There’s no reason why you can’t ask your employer or those who are familiar with your professional work to give you a LinkedIn recommendation to increase your visibility on LinkedIn. More people are likely to pay attention to you if another professional has recommended your services. All that’s needed is for you to approve their skills in return. Be sure that you’re confident in the skills you declare you have on your profile as your employer is ultimately putting their trust in you when they recommend you to another professional.

Complete your professional summary

Your professional summary is what is viewed first and foremost, so it would be in your best interests to take the opportunity to make it as interesting and professional as it can be. You need employers and other professionals to stop and read the summary before browsing through the rest of your profile to decide that you’re the perfect person to work with.

Ultimately, your introductory paragraph should explain what you do in snappy and concise sentences. It should also include a catchy headline and a professional photo of yourself that will portray a respectable first impression.

Browse the ‘people you may know list’

In the LinkedIn search engine, you can browse the ‘people you may know list’. You’ll have to keep a check on this list as it will constantly update dependent on who you connect with. It’s used to recognise your mutual contacts and suggests you connect with them. The more people you connect with, the more you’ll increase your visibility on LinkedIn as you’ll also show up in user’s lists. Take a look through regularly and see who you come across. If you believe a user may be valuable to your business or career, think about connecting with them. Similarly, the platform will also link you up with other users based on mutual qualities, where you went to school or where you worked.

Add relevant keywords

Similarly to as though you’re writing a business blog with SEO practices, the keywords you use within your profile can determine how well you increase your visibility on LinkedIn. For example, if one of your strong areas is copywriting, then this would be the main keyword you would integrate throughout the body of the text.

It can be difficult to come up with relevant keywords if you’re unsure on what you should be looking for, so think of the most obvious that are linked to your profession and skillset before thinking of alternative variations. You can perform a search on LinkedIn to find the most suitable keywords. You’ll usually find them amongst headlines, skill and job titles on other users’ profiles.

One word of advice though – don’t stuff your profile with too many keywords. Although you won’t be punished with a low rank on Google as you would with website copy, employers know what your game is, so you’ll come across a little desperate in your attempt to get noticed as opposed to a sought-after professional.

You should frequently browse through the search results and see where you place on the list of industry professionals in your sector and who is ahead of you. This may give you an idea on how you can edit your profile accordingly and better implement the keywords into your profile.

Customise your Public Profile URL

Once your profile has been edited, it’s time to update your profile URL. By doing this, you’re not only set to increase your visibility on LinkedIn, but also ranks your profile higher on Google. This will come in useful when business owners browse a search engine to see which LinkedIn users pop up as their most suitable employee or client.

Custom URLs are not only more memorable, but you can also add it as a tagline on your business cards.

Join LinkedIn Groups

Business professionals can take advantage of the groups on LinkedIn. There are roughly 2 million different groups for an array of industries and job sectors. Joining specific groups can allow you to build relationships with other professionals, expand on your contacts and get answers to questions that you have been meaning to discover.

We hope this guide proves successful in increasing your visibility on LinkedIn. Read our recent blog post 10 Essential LinkedIn Features You Need to further enhance your experience on LinkedIn.