• Josie Hadley

How to promote an event on social media

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

If you run an events company or looking to bring attention to a one-off event you are organising, have you ever considered how social media could become a hugely successful method of promotion? There are many social media platforms to consider which have the potential of bringing a great deal of attention to your upcoming event.

To get an effective campaign running you will need to plan, plan and plan your strategy and also allow at least 6 to 8 months to gain traction. Even big names don’t always draw in the crowds and sell tickets straight away.

If you are looking to promote an event on social media, here are some useful tips you should be looking into using as part of your strategy:

Choose your social media platform

Depending on your specific industry and target audience, you may find that some social media platforms will work better than others for promoting your event. Platforms you should definitely use are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. If you key demographic are on Snapchat this may be useful too. Each have their own unique benefits for advertisement and promotion. If you wish to learn more, why not read our blog on how different social media platforms can be used to generate interest on services and products?

Choose your event hashtag

In order to attract attention for your event, you need to come up with a hashtag that is memorable, as well as being easy to spell and understand. Always check the spelling too as Iceland used one for “Ed Sheeran album party” which got some raised eyebrows… (take away the spaces!) Whenever you post anything related to the promotion of your event on social media; don’t forget to use the designated hashtag you have created. This way, individuals interested in finding out more can simply click on the hashtag to find other relevant posts linked to the event.

On the day the event takes place, make guests aware of the hashtag and ask them to use it within their own social media posts. Be sure to display the hashtag on screens and posters around the venue or perhaps hire a photobooth with it displayed in the background. The more people are aware of your hashtag, the more likely your event will grow in popularity, especially if it is set to become an annual occasion.

Use the Facebook Events tool

Facebook in particular, has a designated events tool that allows you to create pages specifically for your upcoming event. Users can invite themselves and share with friends. On events pages, users expect to find the exact details of where is being held, the time and extra crucial information such as directions, dress codes and pricing etc. Once a user clicks ‘interested’ or ‘going’, they will instantly become alerted when someone posts on the page, or if any of the key information in the bio is edited. These notifications will not only ensure your event runs smoothly but should also keep it fresh in the minds of those who have the intention to attend.

When using the Facebook events tool, it would be wise to: • Use a high-quality 1920 x1080 cover photo that symbolises the event • Create an attention-grabbing description • Be precise about location, date and time • Add a link that users can follow to purchase tickets

Choose the right tools to streamline the process

Running an event can take a great deal of time and effort to plan and you can’t always be available to create posts in live time. Likewise, you may need to post for the international audience despite the time difference if your event is being held abroad. This is where social media tools could come in useful.

Here are just a few tools you should be considering:

  1. Scheduling: Planning your posts rather than posting live

  2. Content curation: Allows you to discover interesting content related to your topic

Ticket sales are crucial for any event and knowing how to promote an event on social media can make all the difference.

Run a competition

Everyone loves a freebie and regardless of what you’re giving away, people will always enter in the hope of winning, whether it’s for themselves or on someone else’s behalf. Social media contests will encourage users to share your post (if stated in the instructions) which will stimulate visual promotion.

Work with influencers

The use of influencers is a tactic used by Instagram users to market a product, service or event. In 2018, 40% of marketers claimed they were intending to use influencer marketing as part of their strategy, while 80% stated that it has had effective results. If you build close relationships with influencers who big-up your event to their own followers, you are certainly onto a winning marketing technique. Consumers are more likely to trust other users rather than just words on a poster; especially if the influencer is someone that people tend to look up to.

This type of promotion is an ideal way of promoting your event without having to invest large sums of money. It is achieved simply through word-of-mouth, which is often the best form of advertisement.

Finding an influencer isn’t easy but searching through Instagram to find users who frequently attend events or have gained your preferred target follower base is a great start.

Use paid social media ads

Did you know that your posts you create on your event page will only be seen by approximately only 6% of your followers? This extremely small figure (which is down to the Facebook’s algorithms) could be detrimental to the success of your event. This is where paid advertisements come in useful. Instead of posting organically, you will instead be paying for paid ads which are designed to catch the attention of thousands of social media users. Posts should consist of – • A snappy call to action, so the ad has a purpose • A short headline • An expressive but concise description • Attention-grabbing artwork • A link to click to purchase tickets or find out more

If you are planning an upcoming event, we hope we have given some useful advice as to how and why using social media could be beneficial for your campaign. Take a browse through our website to find out more about how OMG Online Marketing Growth could help you!