• Josie Hadley

Is Facebook safe anymore?

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

A recent massive Facebook security breach has put the safety of users’ data in the spotlight and people are now asking “Is Facebook safe anymore?”.

The social media giant – which has now seen its share price drop more than 3%, has more than two billion active monthly users. Some 50 million of those were left exposed by its most recent security flaw.  The company said hackers exploited a loophole in its View As feature to gain control of people’s accounts. If you were unexpectedly asked to re-login this is why.

But what does this mean for businesses using the platform who may now be asking “Is Facebook safe anymore?”

While hackers who targeted Facebook caused havoc on a global scale, they didn’t, as far as anyone knows, deliberately go after business accounts. It’s personal rather than business profiles that have been under threat. Yet to establish a successful business presence on Facebook, you need to use your own, genuine personal profile. Anyone advising you different is wrong. Facebook takes a dim view of personal profiles being set up under a business name, or a false name, and has been known to throw such accounts out. To ensure you protect your business activities on Facebook, your business page or business group, must be correctly set up.

As tempting as it is to give yourself a ‘branded’ name to set up your business Facebook presence this should still be avoided. Follow these steps for extra peace of mind:

  1. Plan time to double check that everything is still running okay and that data is showing up correctly to help you compile analysis and reports for a business account

  2. Re-set your password

  3. Don’t reuse passwords across services – yes it’s easier to have the same passwords for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – but a little extra thought for each is wise

  4. Use complicated and non-guessable passwords

  5. Use your children’s names or your pets’? How about elements of your date of birth? This will always be okay so long as you put your own unpredictable spin on it – shorten words, use different capitalisation, choose a nickname instead of a full name

  6. Don’t share passwords among team members (yes really!) If you jointly run a Facebook page there is no need for your colleagues to know your Facebook login details. Use Business Manager to assign roles so shared logins aren’t needed.

Have you got a burning question about Facebook security? Let me know and I can answer! Contact me by email at or through the OMG! Facebook page.