• Josie Hadley

Social media – worth the wait?

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

How long does it take for social media to be worth it?

This is one of those ‘how long is a piece of string’ questions – but the simple answer is ‘give it time.’

If you’re craving instant one-off sales results then there are ways of making this happen – through adverts and boosted posts for example. But the true value of social media comes from its strength in helping you build long-term relationships, listen to would-be customers and build communities around your products and services. We all know that these results are what matters. But how long does it take?

Are you expecting to read that six months or a year is a good amount of time to give it? Sounds about right.

But guess what, the only answer anyone can really give to this question is: It depends.

And what does it depend on?

The answer here is much more clear cut. You must take into account: • Your social media strategy • Frequency of posting • Channels chosen • Quality of content is key

So what comes under your strategy?

Think about what you really want from your social media activity. This could be: • Brand awareness • Lead generation • More likes, comments and shares • Long-term consistency • Build trust • Improved reputation

In order for your social media to really fly, you have to give it the means of taking off. Think about buying a holiday – you might daydream about a Facebook offer for weeks – and you may not book until months later.

The 3 keys to social media success

Give your social media wings by being consistent, reviewing regularly and planning into the future.