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Which social media platform is best for your business?

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

So, you have decided to take that leap of faith and enter the world of social media marketing – now, the big question is, which social media platform is best for your business? Although many businesses decide to jump onto the bandwagon of setting up social media platforms, it is often the case that they don’t really know which one will truly benefit them when it comes to this aspect of their marketing campaign. As a business owner, you perhaps haven’t got a great deal of time to spare or money to waste on experimentation, so with that being said, let’s take an in-depth look at which social media platform is best for your business:

Facebook Facebook is one of the largest and most popular social media sites out there; with over 1.5 billion users active each day. Not only is Facebook great for socialising, but it also offers a whole heap of benefits for businesses too. Many business owners turn to Facebook as it is a platform that attracts all user demographics from across the globe, so there’s plenty of scope for marketing opportunities. It’s extremely easy to set up your marketing campaigns on Facebook that are specifically targeted to the audience of your choosing. The next step is to update your page with lots of great content; whether that be using photos, videos or statuses. Some businesses can generate so much custom from Facebook, that they often do without a website. If you are wondering which social media platform is best for your business, you may be onto a winner with Facebook. Every business regardless of industry, size or target market should have the intention of expanding, by generating engaging, educating and entertaining posts. Not only are you able to reach your preferred audience easily by using this platform, but it’s also useful for answering customer queries and concerns via the messenger app. You may also opt to run competitions, as well as alerting your followers of any important news and updates that your company is keen to share.

Instagram If you are wondering which social media platform is best for your business, you should certainly hop onto the bandwagon of Instagram, which has become one of newest and trendiest platforms in social media marketing in recent years. Owned by the creators of Facebook, Instagram currently holds over 15 million business profiles. A vast amount of companies choose to market their product or service via the platform to specifically target millennials and young adults, who reportedly spend a minimum of 35 minutes each day scrolling through their feed.

The idea of Instagram marketing is based around creating a visually engaging experience for the customer. It has become enormously popular with the likes of clothes and beauty brands, home furnishings, food and lifestyle companies to name just a few. The quality and set-up of photographic posts can have a real impact on the follower’s inclination to purchase from businesses. According to research, people are far more likely to remember 80% of what they see, rather than what they read or hear, which is why Instagram is so effective. If you are still contemplating which social media platform is best for your business, it would be worth mentioning that many companies do so well on Instagram, that they tend to run their business through this platform alone. This comes as no surprise though, as according to a study, people are far more likely to remember 80% of what they see, rather than what they read or hear.

Twitter Twitter is, and always has been a useful tool for marketing and is currently the third-largest social media platform. With over 13 million active users in the UK alone, it’s used with the intention of sharing short (280 character limit) and snappy posts consisting of news or opinions to generate shares and likes. Twitter is also beneficial for receiving customer feedback and dealing with complaints quickly and effectively. Similarly to Facebook, there is the opportunity to pay for advertising to reach users of specific demographics and locations. There’s no need to question which social media platform is best for your business if you are a small to medium-sized company looking to trade locally. Twitter may be the option for you.

Snapchat Snapchat is a social media app where photos and videos can be sent directly to one person, or via a group of people, but vanishes instantly after being viewed. Many businesses overlook using Snapchat for business marketing, as it is often considered to be solely for socialising. However, businesses can use Snapchat (which has over 300 million active users each month) to create a hype around their real-time day-to-day news and events. Unlike other social media platforms, Snapchat has the ability to capture shots as they happen and send videos or photos showcasing new products or services to an already dedicated follower base. If you are still asking yourself which social media platform is best for your business, it would be worth knowing that Snapchat is advantageous for B2C businesses looking to make their brand known to the younger demographic. 71% of Snapchat users are under the age of 34 years old, with 50% between the ages of 18-24.

YouTube YouTube is the world’s largest video site, with 1.57 billion active users and 3 billion searches carried out each month. YouTube is ideal for B2C customers, who are aiming to sell their product or services to consumers. Videos need to be entertaining and educating to gain momentum; such as the likes of ‘how-to’ videos and product reviews.

In order to make your posts engaging and relevant, it would be recommended that you post a maximum of twice per week, while each video length should be a minimum of 90 seconds long.


LinkedIn used to be seen as being only used recruitment firms to headhunt and attract potential candidates within the job market.  But since Microsoft bought the platform, it has changed massively and works wonders for promoting your business. 590 million business professionals are now on LinkedIn, which is a platform used to connect and collaborate to generate business potential – with 260 million of those active on a monthly basis.

If you are self-employed or freelance and wondering which social media platform is best for your business, you certainly need to consider LinkedIn to seek new and exciting opportunities. You will become exposed to potential clients, influencers and customers who may wish to either work with you or purchase from you. By setting up a ‘All Star’ profile and posting professionally and consistently you will build a good reputation and following. Should a client then happen come across your profile; they know what your intentions are and how they could slot into your business set-up. We hope by using this brief advice guide, you have come to a conclusion about which social media platform is best for your business.

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